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Message From The Chairman

Dr. Matin Rahman
Associate Professor & Chairman
Department of Film and Media Studies
Stamford University Bangladesh

The Department of Film and Media Studies of Stamford University Bangladesh established in 2004, is the pioneer of Media Education in Bangladesh. No other university of the country, either public or private, had the vision of making such a pragmatic move before Stamford made it.

Since the origin as a creative expression and Mass Communication, Film and Television have been playing a vital role in the sphere of social engineering with the unique ability of molding human psyche to the needs of the society. Much greater importance is now being attached to these audio-visual mediums as they can be used most effectively in awareness-building issues and programs. In recent years, interest in the studies of film and television has immensely increased all over the world. As a result, these two mediums have emerged as major academic subjects under the umbrella of a wider discipline Media studies.

In the Department of Film and Media Studies, theoretical and practical aspects of both these audio-visual mediums are taught extensively at Graduation and Post-graduation levels. This department is now offering courses under Three programs: B. A (Hons) in Film & Media Studies and M. A. in Film and Media Studies (1 year and 2 years).

Programs of the Department of Film and Media Studies have been designed to groom as competent practitioners in various fields of constantly expanding worlds of Film & Television. Equipped with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge, imparted through well-designed courses, students of this Department will be able to build their career as Directors, Producers, Screen writers, Actors, Art designers, Editors, Videographers, Graphic Designers or as technicians of many other related fields according to their aptitude and interest.

Our faculty consists of teachers with degrees from reputed Universities of Bangladesh and from Universities abroad. Technical support of this department is modern and well equipped such as we have several Cine, DSLR and Video Cameras. Our Editing Panel consists of iMAC computers.

I would like to welcome prospective students to the Department of Film and Media Studies.


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